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Who We Are 我们是谁

K 代表 KINDNESS,是善良的意思,I 代表 is,S 代表 SUNSHINE,是阳光的意思,连起来就是 KINDNESS IS SUNSHINE,善良是阳光,寓意着我们青少年要心存阳光, 永远善良。

K stands for KINDNESS, which means goodness, I stands for is, S stands for SUNSHINE, which means sunlight, and together, it means KINDNESS IS SUNSHINE. Kindness is sunlight, which means that our young people must keep the sun in their hearts and be always kind.

What We Do 我们的宗旨

KIS 青少年基金会成立的初衷是让我们在学有余力之时,锻炼并发 挥自己的领导力和责任心,充分发掘自身潜力,积极组织和参与各项 社会公益或慈善活动,以己之力去关心社会和关爱他人,通过在 KIS 青少年基金会活动中的历练和成长,成为自信阳光、正直善良、热心 公益的优秀青少年!

The original intention of the Kis Juvenile Foundation was to allow us to exercise and give play to our leadership and responsibility when we have more time to learn, fully explore our potential, actively organize and participate in various social public welfare or charity activities, and care with our own strength Society and caring for others, through experience and growth in the KIS Youth Foundation activities, become outstanding young people with self-confidence and sunshine, integrity and kindness!

目前基金会成员主要是我们中高级弹唱班的学员和她们 的家长,我们期待有创意、有才能、有热情、有爱心且执行力强的小 伙伴们,或者家长们,一起加入 KIS 青少年基金会,让我们在基金会 自己的舞台上,以善良为本,勤勉努力,绽放自我,放飞青春的梦想!

At present, the foundation members are mainly members of our middle-level and advanced singing classes and their parents. We look forward to creative, talented, enthusiastic, caring and strong executive partners, or parents to join the Kis Juvenile Foundation together. Let us, on the foundation’s own stage, be kind-hearted, work diligently, bloom ourselves, and let the dream of youth fly!

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

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